Vickie Clark 5/10/2013

Hi my name is Vickie Clark. I am from McMinnville, TN where I live with my husband Tom and our two children Josh and Chelsea. My Beautiful daughter, Chelsea and I are currently living in temporary housing in Memphis while she under goes cancer treatment.

It all began last summer. Chelsea had started to complain of pain in her upper arm. It was not severe at the time. She was able to move it well. I thought she may have pulled a muscle while swimming. The next week she had gymnastics, which she was unable to do because of the pain in her arm and lack of strength. The next week her arm started to swell and I took her to the doctor to make sure it was not broken. The doctor initially considered cancer but the x-ray did not show it at the time. The x-ray showed a break in the humorous. She was put into a sling. During the following weeks, the arm continued to bother her. We had another x-ray done and this x-ray showed that there was bone growth which should mean the bone is healing. The following week she started to have excruciating pain and was unable to sleep. We went back to the doctor August 2nd for another x-ray which showed there was too much bone growth. He said he would come over to our house after looking at the X-Ray with the radiologists.  He came by our house that night and sat down with us and gave us the most devastating news ever, Chelsea has Osteosarcoma in her Humorous.

On August 7th we traveled to Memphis so Chelsea could be seen at the Children’s Hospital.  We were told it had spread to her lungs. Chelsea is now in remission and only has one chemo treatment left. It has been an amazing journey. GOD has wrapped his arms around Chelsea and has carried her throughout this difficult journey. She is an amazing child of God. She has endured more than any child should.

God has been with me through this journey because there is no way I would be able to handle this on my own. He has carried me and has given strength beyond what I am capable of. Thank you sweet Jesus for Your blessing and Your amazing Grace.

Vickie Clark