Fabulous Friday featuring Renee Prentzler


Renee Prentzler


May 2011 started out like any other month. Hunter got to go on a field trip to the Capital of Missouri. The day after he started to complain of pain in his leg. I took him to our family Dr. The Dr. ordered x-rays, which showed nothing.

Two days later Hunter was in pain and had a lump on the side of his leg. I knew this was not right. We took him to the ER where they brought an Ortho Dr. in to look at his x-rays. We were told this was beyond what they could do and sent us to a Memphis Children’s hospital for treatment.

Hunter and I arrived in Memphis the next day. I knew no one. I was scared for my son. We didn’t know exactly what we were dealing with for four days. This is when the Drs. made his diagnosis. He had Ewing Sarcoma.

This was the start of a very long journey in Memphis. Hunter went through 23 weeks of chemo. He was then set up for surgery November 3rd to get a new hip ball and femur bar. Hunter showed such courage with learning to walk again.

April 2012, we get to go home. Our journey was finally over in Memphis. We get to go back to a normal life.

December 2012 Hunter was scheduled for his routine scans in Memphis.

They found spots on his shoulder and spine. This can’t be happening again. They did a biopsy and found he had ALL leukemia.

Hunter looked at me and said, “Mom, I got this!” So here we go with another journey in Memphis. Away from our family, away from my other children, away from everything that is safe for us, away from the only support we knew.

Hunter had to have a transplant for any chance of survival. There were several times I was so scared I was going to lose him. I never left his side during the whole treatment.

Hunter was released November 18, 2013. We get to go home. We get to go back to our family. I get to be with my other 3 children. I’m so thankful to get back home and just be a mom to my children and watch them grow up.

If I could offer any advise to the 3W community, it would be this, look out for the women that have to come to Memphis with their child. Walk with them during this very scary time. Help them to navigate the city. Be their friend. Listen to them when they are scared. Offer your assistance with the little things. The little things turn into really big things during this time.

Thank you 3W Community for all you have done for Hunter and I while we were in Memphis. We have made some wonderful life long friends.